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Next Chapter can meet the moving and downsizing needs of seniors, boomers, empty nesters, their family members and estate executors.

Next Chapter, Inc.

Next Chapter, Inc. is a pioneer in the move management industry. We’ve had the privilege of serving many families through the move process.

Move Management is both an art and science. Whatever your needs, call the professional Move Managers at Next Chapter, Inc.

Planning, organizing, and sorting before packing is probably the single most important ingredient to achieving a smooth and efficient move. Yet, it’s one of the hardest things for people to do. We start with pre-move preparation and develop the overall move plan. Then we help you make decisions on what to move and sort items for distribution.

Next Chapter will make it easy … and fun! Whether you’re up, down or right-sizing, Next Chapter’s planning sessions are the best way to jump-start your move.We’ll reduce the overall cost of your move, provide peace of mind and minimize stress on move day.Then, on move day, your customized floor plan will ensure a quick and smooth transition. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to unpack and settle in. It will be as if a neon sign is blinking above your new front door, saying … “WELCOME HOME!”

Here’s what sets us apart from all other Move Management companies:

Planning and Organizing

  • Develop an overall move plan
  • Facilitate decisions on items to move
  • Sort items for distribution
  • Pack items for move
  • Coordinate/oversee moving company services

Moving and Settling In

  • Unpack and organize new home
  • Make beds, set clocks, hang pictures, place collectibles
  • Finishing touches
  • Arrange for distribution of excess items
  • Arrange shipments and/or storage

Choose the services that make sense for you. Regardless of what you select, one element is constant … you remain in control. We also recommend that you use a professional move management organization like Colorado Next Chapter. Most people move once, twice or maybe three times in a lifetime, but a move management company like ours moves people almost every day.

To schedule a no-obligation introductory session call 303-725-1825.

Next Chapter, Inc. is a fully insured and bonded move management service.

Whether you’re moving, downsizing, settling an estate or wanting to declutter your life Next Chapter, Inc. is here to help.

Next Chapter can meet the moving and downsizing needs of seniors, boomers, empty nesters, their family members and estate executors.

We do so much more than just moving!


Next Chapter, Inc.
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