It is essential to look carefully as often we have found valuable items once the family has gone through the house. We’ve found a Rolex watch, insurance policies worth $30,000.00, treasury certificates worth $25,000.00, jewels worth thousands and gold and silver worth close to $200,000.00 as well as many guns.

Once we found a loaded glock and a cell phone were taped to the back of a TV in a living room in one house. The treasury certificates were in an envelope between 2 quilting squares in a bureau. We’ve crawled under furniture and found gold and silver. Once a large amount of coins were in an ammunition box placed next to an unlocked safe.

The fact that Senior Move Managers are trustworthy makes all the difference. Next Chapter, Inc. is a fully insured and bonded move management service.

People have been known to hide money and valuables in the strangest places. For a list of these strange and amusing places, contact us.