(303) 725-1825 We do so much more than just moving!

CrayonsWhether you're moving, downsizing, settling an estate or just trying to de-junk your life, Next Chapter is ready to reduce the stress, lighten the workload and save you money.

Our services can be a lifesaver for:

Busy professionals,
The sandwich-generation,
Empty-nesters who are downsizing,
Estate executors

Reduce the stress

Moving or downsizing is hard work and can be overwhelming!
But not when you have the right help!

Moving is much more than boxes. It's sorting through a lifetime of memories - closets, basements, attics. What will be given to family, discarded, sold, stored? There's lots of work, and hundreds of decisions. You may feel mentally and emotionally exhausted just thinking about it!

Next Chapter will plan and organize everything, ensure a smooth and efficient move and reduce the overall cost of your move. Your reward: minimal stress before, during and after the move . . . that's peace of mind.

Lighten the workload

Get professional help.
Professional Move Managers from Next Chapter provide ideas, structure, systems and solutions, and above all, hands-on help to make sure that the job gets done right.

  • You make the decisions.

  • We provide expert advice, structure, emotional support, physical work and a sense of humor!

Save you money

A plan and a system means money in your pocket!
If you're putting your home on the market we can structure the sorting and packing activities to maximize your home's marketability for a quicker sale at the highest price.

If your house is sold, our focus is on organizing for the move. Our proven, logical approach creates a smooth move and helps save money on both the packing and the moving.

We call it Working Smart, which makes sense. After all, you may not have moved for 30, 40 or 50 years; we move every day.