(303) 725-1825 We do so much more than just moving!

Most seniors and their families need professional move management assistance when dealing with years of accumulated personal possessions left in the family home. The memories, the emotions and the logistics can be overwhelming! That's when you need professional help.

Next Chapter, Inc. can handle the task of planning, sorting, tagging and transferring everything to its new destination. We are experts at getting this done efficiently and with the sensitivity attached to your personal memories. We sit down with family or estate executors and discuss each and every item and all the destination options. We know how to:

When I first heard about you, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical, thinking, "What's the big deal?" After seeing you in action, I became a believer. I think you're worth every penny you charge. R.P. Littleton


Check Sort everything left in the house

Ship items designated for family or friends

Arrange for profitable disposition of household items:

  • Auction

  • Consignment Shop

Arrange for charitable donation

Take care of trash removal

Leave the house in broom-swept clean condition

A Helpful Hint – Because we have years of experience in reviewing and sorting items from estate clean outs, we recommend that you do not throw anything away, until we have had time to review the items. We have helped many of our clients discover something of value.

Additional Services

Besides moving, settling estates and home clean-out services, we also offer:
  • Space planning
  • De-clutter and organize closets, basements, garages